Closely Knit Together in a Network of Fellowships

About Full Gospel Global Forum


A small Steering Committee, representing a spread of participating affiliated FGGF global nations and organisations (FGB and BMF particularly), is elected to serve in assisting developments for the Forum, as agreed at the previous annual Full Gospel Global Forum Business Meeting held at the Global Leadership Prayer Summit (GLPS).


The location of the next GLPS is decided each year by the representatives from each participating affiliated FGGF national organisation attending the annual FGGF Business meeting, with recommendations from the elected Steering Committee.


The Global Leadership Prayer Summit has the following goals for participating organisations:



  • Seeking God’s heart for building relationships;
  • Moving forward under the leading of the Holy Spirit in unity and harmony;
  • More fully achieving God’s global vision as given to Demos Shakarian;
  • Establishing stronger fellowship among participating nations;
  • Empowering in Christ for global witness, creating a platform for cooperation and mutual respect and support.



This FGGF website introduces the God-given FGB/BMF Vision and Mission. It presents information on upcoming annual FGGFGlobal Leadership Prayer Summits and a directory of elected Steering Committee members and affiliated nation national Director contacts. It provides access to FGB/FGGF Vision publications with audio facility and website links to affiliated FGGF national contacts. It serves as a co-ordinating facility for participating FGGF national organisations.


What began following a vision given to Demos Shakarian, a business man, has now spread to numerous nations in every continent of the world. The life changing story is told in the book “The Happiest People on Earth”, which can be purchased from the national offices of the supporting organisations.




Unity in the Spirit and the Vision