About Full Gospel Global Forum

The purpose of the Full Gospel Global Forum (FGGF) is to provide an information hub for the sharing of news and event details from participating organisations from around the globe: like-minded FGB (Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship) and BMF (Business Men’s Fellowship) groups throughout the world: ‘Closely knit together, but loosely associated’.

The FGGF does not exercise any spiritual or organisational authority over national ministries. National organisations that are associated with the FGGF are not linked to any central global oversight. The national ministries join in fellowship with leaders who are furthering the same Vision and Mission for the extension of the kingdom of God, regardless of name or affiliation, while maintaining their respective organisation’s identity and integrity.

The FGGF was established in January 2012, during the first Global Leadership Prayer Summit, organised by a small Steering Committee of men from like-minded organisations around the world, who were led clearly by the Lord to put this event on, and chose London as a globally central venue.  At this initial gathering of FGB and BMF leaders, representing twenty nations in six key world regions, a unity of Spirit and vision was experienced and a need was recognised for an information network: a Global Forum. The FGGF is a response to a call for FGB/BMF leaders in nations to further fellowship, network, and move forward together in greater unity and harmony, providing mutual encouragement and support in co-ordinating and fulfilling the global God-given vision as given to Demos Shakarian.

A small Steering Committee, representing a spread of participating global nations and organisations (FGB and BMF), is elected to serve in assisting developments for the Forum, as agreed at the previous annual Full Gospel Global Forum Business Meeting held at the Global Leadership Prayer Summit.

The location of the next GLPS is decided each year by the representatives from each participating national organisation attending the annual FGGF Business meeting, with recommendations from the elected Steering Committee.

The Global Leadership Prayer Summit has the following goals for participating organisations:

  • Seek God’s heart with regard to building relationships;
  • Move forward under the leading of the Holy Spirit in unity and harmony;
  • More fully achieve God’s global vision as given to Demos Shakarian;
  • Further establish fellowship among participating nations;
  • Empower us in Christ for global witness, by creating a platform for cooperation and mutual respect and support.

This website introduces the God-given FGB/BMF Vision and Mission, its national ministries and associations. It presents information on upcoming global, regional and national FGB and BMF events and news items, and provides the  reader with a directory of national contacts. It serves as a co-ordinating facility for participating national organisations sharing national news and events of potential global interest. It permits authorised users (from participating nations) to submit news or event items to the website administrator through the contact menu button, which can also be used by anyone accessing the website to communicate with the website administrator.

The purpose and focus of all the participating national organisations is to reach men in all nations for Christ and to empower them for life through the power of the Holy Spirit. Their common mission is to :

  • reach men everywhere for Jesus Christ
  • call men back to God
  • train and equip men to fulfil the great commission
  • help believers to be baptised in the Holy Spirit and to grow spiritually
  • provide opportunity for Christian fellowship
  • bring greater unity among all people in the body of Christ

What began following a vision given to Demos Shakarian, a business man, has now spread to numerous nations in every continent in the world. The life changing story is told in the book “The Happiest People on Earth” which can be purchased from the national offices of the supporting organisations, or you can listen to the story here.

You can read about the work of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship below, and our history here, along with a copy of the first ever issue of the Fellowship magazine, Voice.

Each of the participating organisations hold regular meetings throughout the world to share  ‘real life stories’ about what a difference it makes having Jesus in their lives. FGB and BMF groups bring together men (and some include women) of all Christian church backgrounds and occupations, arranging meetings in hotels, restaurants and marketplace venues.

Men share their experiences, successes and failures in business and everyday life. They speak of marriages transformed, bodies healed, addictions overcome, business problems resolved, all through encountering the power of God in a personal way.

Women are welcome at many events and many women actively support their husbands in their ministry in the Fellowship.

Closely knit together under the vision: Loosely Associated

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