How to Join

Any organisation from any nation can be associated with the Full Gospel Global Forum, and start participating in the submission of news or event details to this website, if:

  •  they are committed to responding to God’s call on their lives to fulfill the vision as given by God through Demos Shakarian (as described here) and if:
  • under the leading and Lordship of Christ, they confirm their position as not linked with any central global oversight.

To offer your support and become a participating national organisation of the Full Gospel Global Forum, please use the contact button on this website to communicate to the Chairman of the Steering Committee on behalf of your National Council, providing information on your organisation’s position together with contact details.

All participating national organisations will be given secure ‘contributor’ access to the FG-GF website, for creating news stories or articles or publishing national event details, for the encouragement of the supporting nations (all contributions will be moderated by the website administrator prior to being published on the website). All individuals registering as subscribers on the website will be kept informed and emailed with any new posts on the website.

We welcome your participation and seek to be in association and in unity under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, with all organisations who affirm their commitment and calling from God to work towards the fulfilment of the vision (as given by God through Demos Shakarian) to reach men in all nations for Christ and empower them for life in the Holy Spirit.

Closely knit together under the vision: Loosely Associated

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