Dear brothers,

We have delayed forwarding an invitation to the FGGF 2020 Hong Kong GLPS in early September, due to the political unrest and protests that have been taking place in Hong Kong since June. Hong Kong citizens have been seeking concessions from China concerning legal rights and more democratic elections particularly. We expect that you have been aware through the media of these regular weekly incidents which have been occurring. Though Hotel and booking arrangements are in place we have needed to hold back on contract signing, at least until it is apparent that the disturbances have ceased, before encouraging all to make their flight and GLPS bookings. More recently the protests have been confined largely to week-ends.

Below you will see an extract in a message received from brother Hugo Chan, President FGBMFI Hong Kong and FGGF Deputy Chairman. He states at the start of the second paragraph that he expects the disturbances to conclude on Monday 1st October, the 70th anniversary date for the founding of the Republic of China, protestors seeking to continue to put pressure upon the government of China up to this date in the hope that more of their requests will be met. Clear evidence of this protest cessation needs to be seen over the week-end of 5th-6th October following for us to go ahead to sign the Hotel contract and forward full booking details to delegates straightway following for the 12th-15 February 2020 FGGF Global Leadership Prayer Summit in Hong Kong, Republic of China.

You will see in the extracts from brother Hugo's e mail communication below that he believes it is a Kairos moment for China and Hong Kong to enter into God's destiny as one united nation. It is for such a time as this that FGGF are praying towards the holding of the 2020 FGGF GLPS in Hong Kong to enter into the new moves of the Holy Spirit for our Fellowship and nations. We are called to join in prayer together at this time - that God will open the way for the 2020 FGGF GLPS in His perfect way and timing.


With all our greetings,


your brother in Christ, Rodney (Radcliffe)

Secretary - On behalf of the FGGF Steering Committee


Hugo's concluding extracts in an e mail to Azike dated 18th September

Life goes on as usual for most people except the damaged image has caused a loss of half of our tourism business and greatly affected the retail sector. Our police are highly organised and efficient. The 30,000 policemen have been sacrificing their lives to uphold law and order and are to be highly commended. So far not a single bullet has been fired at rioters who have been throwing hundreds of bricks and petrol bombs at them. Of course the media and activists are reporting on “police brutality” and suppression of freedom. Both China and Hong Kong governments are showing extreme patience and restraint as if they want the community to come to its own senses to put a stop to the violence themselves. We as a city are paying a great price for it. Nevertheless it will mean visitors will find everything very cheap in Hong Kong now!!!

On 1 October China and Hong Kong will be celebrating the 70th National Anniversary since the founding of he Republic of China. The protestors are saying their “program” will continue until the 1 October. The steering Committee can consider waiting until the 1 October to make official announcements if you consider the situation warrants a postponed decision. Personally I don’t think the nations need to worry about registering for the GLPS in February next year and announcements can be made now. You can let the Fellowships leaders in the nations read these extracts of my email to give them some greater understanding and comfort.

I believe it is a kairos moment for China and Hong Kong to enter into God’s destiny. And it’s for such a time as this that FGGF are praying and preparing to hold the GLPS in Hong Kong to usher in the new moves of the Holy Spirit for our Fellowship and the nations. Prayers are offered up for our city throughout the world and by the church in Hong Kong. Praise the Lord!

Let us talk sometime soon to update and discuss more.

With blessings


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