Booking for the Global Leadership Prayer Summit

Dear brother in Christ,

We are looking forward to a powerfully anointed 2018 GLPS as we gather  again representing many nations and global regions in San Diego, California. It will be a very special time as God shows us further forward directions for the Fellowship.

To view the FGGF 2018 San Diego brochure please go to www.fg-gf.net and click on the "NEWS " dropdown menu. For those still to act to obtain a Visa please note: it is imperative that every non-resident refer without delay to their own nations U.S. Embassy & Consular website for details on obtaining a Visa which must accompany your required therein stated documents. ESTA'S with Visa Waivers can be obtained for European and other specified countries.

It is also vitally important that everyone book their hotel reservations at Holiday Inn Bayside, as well as their seats on the Harbor Dinner Cruise if wishing to participate in this special evening fellowship experience, before Hotel rooms are released and all spaces are filled for the Cruise. Timing now is key to obtaining reservations. On the page below please see a special welcome and personal invitation from Azike Diribe, Chairman of the 2017 Full Gospel Global Forum.

PLEASE NOTE: If an official Letter of Invitation is required by your nation’s U.S. Embassy, to support the Visa application, you must advise us without delay at douglas@fgbt.org.  It is likely that you will be required to provide, for each individual applying, the following: (a) name in full; (b) date of birth; (c) full residence address; (d) Passport Number; (e) full address of your closest U.S. Embassy; (f) the U.S. Embassy’s telephone and fax numbers and its email address; (g) any other vital information they require from you.

We eagerly await seeing you and fellowshipping with you in San Diego, with all our warmest greetings and love in the Lord from the 2018 San Diego FGGF BMF, FGBMFA and FGBMFC hosting team.



Letter From Azike Diribe

On behalf of the Steering Committee of The Full Gospel Global Forum, I write to personally invite you to attend the 2018 GLPS to be hosted by BMF, FGBMFA & FGBMFC in the beautiful city of San Diego California, USA, from January 24-27, 2018.

At the 2014 GLPS held in London, we received a clear instruction from the Lord to take the GLPS to the regions of FGGF; beginning from 2015 in Central America, hosted by Costa Rica. Then on to Asia in 2016, hosted by the Gate Keepers in Singapore, and Africa in 2017, hosted by FGBMFI Nigeria in Abuja.

As we gather in San Diego our hearts are open to the Lord once again as we conclude the tour of the FGGF regions following the first GLPS’s in London. In the place of prayer, I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying: ‘It’s a new day for the global vision birthed through Demos Shakarian. As you remain willing and obedient I will open new frontiers of ministry in your regions and nations. I will restore friendship and fellowship across all nations touched by Demos’ global vision. You will then see the full manifestation of what Demos saw: men standing shoulder to shoulder across national barriers, lifting up holy hands in victory; allowing me to manifest my infinite variety of ministry in each nation’.

We stand at the threshold of a new explosion of the FGB vision as we galvanize our men to stand up in all nations around the world to reap the last harvest before the return of the Lord. Please plan to arrive on Tuesday January 23, if you can, to enable you participate fully in this expanded GLPS. Please visit our website www.2018GLPS.org today and register. Welcome to San Diego!


Azike Diribe
Chairman – FGGF Steering Committee


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