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The 10-13th March 2021 FGGF Global Leadership Prayer Summit

Leaders from each of the affiliated FGGF nations will be giving short testimonies on 10th and 11th March as to how they found salvation and their experience of the power of the Holy Spirit working through their lives. FGGF representatives will each be covering their nation's needs in prayer on 12th March. Some 250 FGGF leaders will be present on Zoom for the complete 10-13th March FGGF GLPS, commencing each day from 1-3pm UK time. All but those with roles to fulfil will be muted observers. We encourage you to view through the YouTube access link joining in support and prayer.

To access the YOU TUBE live streaming of the GLPS events on 10th-12th March or access the recording after the event, click on the YouTube link below:


Once you have clicked on the above link and arrive at the appropriate YouTube page, simply click the language you wish to access for viewing the GLPS. The available languages are English, Spanish, German, Russian, Latvian and Cantonese.

If you are inspired and moved by the testimonies, please feel free to share the YouTube link with your contacts as appropriate on Facebook, or by email. We pray these events will be a blessing to believers worldwide and an invitation to the lost to receive salvation.

The 13th March General Business meeting will not be recorded on YouTube and Facebook.

The  FGGF YouTube testimony recordings will also be streamed to a large number of global nations both at Easter and on the Global day of outreach at the end of May, sponsored by FGGF. Please also especially pray for God's anointing on these key outreach initiatives - that hundreds of men and women may find Jesus through all that is shared.


The 2021 FGGF GLPS presents a very special opportunity time to share the Gospel, revealing the wonders of God's presence and power. Please share the YouTube links with the contacts you make and friends near and far.

The online YouTube and Facebook recordings, FGGF GLPS dates, times and order of nation testimony providers and nation prayer contributors are shown below :

Order of nation testimonies  - 2021 FGGF GLPS, 10th March, 1-3pm GMT

FGB-MFI Hong Kong, FGB Singapore, BMF USA, FGBUK and Europe, FGB Ireland, BMF Latvia, FGBStelk Finland, BMF Lithuania, BMF UK.                              

Order of nation testimonies  - 2021 FGGF GLPS, 11th March, 1-3pm GMT

FGBMFI Nigeria, FGB AHNIC Costa Rica, FGB Russia, FGBCIB Germany, FGBCIB Austria, FGBMF America, BMF Russia, FGBMF Canada, BMF India

Order of nation prayer providers - 2021 FGGF GLPS, 12th March, 1-3pm GMT

FGB-MFI Hong Kong, FGB Singapore, FGBUK, FGB Ireland, BMF Latvia, BMF Lithuania, BMF UK, FGBMFI Nigeria, FGB AHNIC Costa Rica, FGB Stelk Finland, FGB Russia, FGBCIB Germany, BMF Russia, FGBCIB Austria, FGBMF America, BMF USA, BMF India, FGBMF Canada.

May God be glorified, souls reached, all be inspired and envisioned.

With all warmest greetings in the Lord,

from the FGB and BMF Coordinating team
and the FGGF Steering Committee


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