Closely Knit Together in a Network of Fellowships

Report from BMF USA on God's work in the San Diego area

Our prayers are being answered and we are praising the Lord! There's a stirring in the marketplace and your San Diego BMF brothers are some of the men answering the call to reach out and make new friends.   We should ALL rise up and impact our cities, using our voices, our talents and treasures.   
Business Men's Fellowship SD Chapter members have had their faith stirred to take the Fellowship on the road and into arenas where there are many needy souls.
We see brothers who have never led a BMF chapter step up and move out of their comfort zone, organizing special luncheon and dinner meetings. They are taking the initiative to invite men who have never attended a BMF meeting in the past – co-workers, neighbors, business clients, family members. We are seeing men committing their lives to the Lord in BMF meetings.  Men opening their hearts to the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Men recognizing how God is able to heal lives, relationships, bring peace in the midst of life's storms; men praying and counseling one another.
Here's a snap shot of what's happening in the San Diego area:
• Estus Pittman, reached out to his wife's friend in El Centro, CA and met with her husband, Ray, to share how BMF USA has impacted his life over the past 6 years. Ray was so impressed that he invited several family members and friends to meet with Estus. These men were so touched with the BMF USA Vision, they immediately began to share stories from their lives, removing weights from their shoulders and minds.
• Alfy Shenousa, an Egyptian brother, was invited to visit Escondido BMF.  After several weeks of meetings, he asked me to help him start a BMF meeting where his friends live and work. He invited his friends and  of us met for dinner in a Sushi restaurant in Santee,CA. The Holy Spirit moved during fellowship time as testimonies were shared.  New relationships were knit together. Men in attendance were businessmen who migrated to San Diego from the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt. We continue to gather for BMF fellowship on Monday nights.
• I had personally been praying about reaching other men in Temecula, CA. and asked others to join me in prayer. A man named Larry Nevenhoven read the free ad we ran in the Good News Christian news paper.  He asked if we could meet for a cup of coffee, after two hours of sharing our life stories, Larry asked me where I was originally from. I told him NJ. Larry stopped for a minute to text his wife. After telling him I was from NJ, his wife Carol responded, “Praise the Lord! God is faithful.  
• Ray Adams, Vista chapter member, recently started up a lunch meeting in the neighboring city of Oceanside…that now makes 10 meetings a week in the San Diego area!  
God and His men are really @ work in the marketplace. It is so exciting to see how God will use a man who takes the faithful step of sharing his testimony and inviting other men to share in fellowship.
Brothers, God has shown me He is going to do wonderful things in your cities. I pray you are willing to step out in faith and begin meeting with others.  God will then produce His amazing work in and through your life and all BMF chapters.

Bill Keith
BMF National President



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