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Report from the Africa Convention in Abuja Nigeria

The FGBMFI Africa Convention at Abuja Nigeria was a huge success... Attendance at evening rallies was estimated to average 20,000 plus...the convention attracted attendance from about 22 nations of Africa.

The picture below shows national presidents of participating nations hoisting their national flags on friday night rally.

Four African leaders of the fellowship were honored with plaques for their pioneer roles in FGBMFI in Africa... These include..
Dr Gerry Kibarabara [Kenya]...first african International Vice President for African under Demos Shakarian.

Dr Kwabena Darko [Ghana]
International Secretary 1996-2009.

Elder Sam Mbata [Nigeria]..Founding National President FGBMFI Nigeria, International Vice President West Africa 1999-2007.

Engr John Njao [Tanzania] Founding President FGBMFI Tanzania.

Pictured below is FGGF steering committee chairman reading the citation for Gerry Kibarabara.

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