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Dear brothers,

THE 2021 FGGF GLPS is to be on Zoom globally.

We write to confirm that in view of the uncertainty about international travel possibilities through the next winter months, and whether non essential travel restrictions will be in place for entry into Germany, the FGGF Steering Committee have agreed that the 2021 March FGGF GLPS should be held through Zoom, with supporting viewing applications. It has also been agreed that our FGGF German brothers will now host the 2022 FGGF GLPS in Berlin.

BMF/Lifestories UK, who have considerable developed expertise in global web applications have been invited to act as web Host Master. Initial details for the application and access process to be implemented through global time zones will be provided well before Christmas.

Though it is recognised that there will be some disappointment about the perceived need to make this change the FGGF Steering Committee are excited by the opportunity now offered to reach a much wider FGGF nation director and global grouping, particularly for viewing and hearing nation testimonies from the FGGF nation leaders around the world, multiplying the sharing of God's Vision given to Demos.

We greatly look forward to meeting and sharing together again in Berlin in 2022, building on abundant fruit resulting from the 2021 Zoom GLPS.

Please join with the FGGF Steering Committee in praying for God's clear onward leading. perceiving and realising of potential and rich anointing on the 2021 FGGF GLPS, bringing His abundant blessings among all participating FGGF nations.

With all our greetings in the Lord,

The BMF and FGB FGGF 2021 GLPS preparatory team

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