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Tens of Thousands Reached

Tens of Thousands Reached (and Still Being Reached)
Through the Two-Day
2021 FGGF - GLPS Testimony Events

Leaders from the Full Gospel Global Forum (FGGF) nations, including Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Latvia, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, UK and the USA shared personal testimonies during its annual Global Leadership Prayer Summit (GLPS) on the 10th and 11th of March. The sessions were viewed live via Zoom, and were also streamed to tens of thousands through the platforms of Facebook and YouTube.

Translators covered the languages of Cantonese, German, Latvian, Russian and Spanish. Testimonies from both FGB and BMF representations blessed the world as they were being streamed on YouTube and Facebook. A day of prayer, with yet other contributors from the various nations, came together via the above-noted platforms on March 13th.

We would ask everyone to note that the testimony sessions will be streamed more widely on Easter Sunday and during the Global Outreach Day of prayer (GOD) on Saturday, May 29th. Your prayers are especially requested for these times.

Some 250 were present on Zoom as muted participants and observers throughout the 2021 FGGF-GLPS, all supporting each other in prayer. We thank God for His abundant provisions and blessings through the 2021 FGGF’s first on-line Global Leadership Prayer Summit, especially for all who participated, viewed and responded. Hundreds clicked to indicate that they had repeated a salvation prayer.

Details for the 2022 FGGF-GLPS, planned to be held in Berlin, Germany, will be communicated in the early autumn.

With all our best greetings in the Lord,

The 2021 FGGF GLPS hosting team

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