Closely Knit Together in a Network of Fellowships

Our Purpose


The purpose of the Full Gospel Global Forum (FGGF) is for national leaders in laymen's ministriies, representing like minded FGB (Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship), BMF (Business Men's fellowship) and FGG affiliated organisations, to be mutually encouraged, envisioned and supported, through the sharing of global initiatives and meeting together especially at a Global Leadership Prayer Summit (GLPS) held annually at different global region locations.


" Closely knit together but loosely associated ".


The location of the next Global Leadership Prayer Summit (GLPS) is decided each year by the representatives from each participating affiliated FGGF national organisation attending the annual FGGF Business meeting, with recommendations from the elected Steering Committee. Invitations to the GLPS are extended to affiliated FGGF nation National leaders, recommended to attend by FGGF National Presidents.


The focus of all the participating national organisations is to reach men in all nations for Christ and to empower them for life through the power of the Holy Spirit. Their common mission is to :


  • reach men everywhere for Jesus Christ
  • call men back to God
  • train and equip men to fulfil the great commission
  • help believers to be baptised in the Holy Spirit and to grow spiritually
  • provide opportunity for Christian fellowship
  • bring greater unity among all people in the body of Christ


FGGF men hold regular meetings throughout the world to share  ‘real life stories’ about the difference it makes having Jesus in their lives.They bring together men of all Christian church backgrounds and occupations to invite men yet to find Christ, arranging meetings in hotels, restaurants, and marketplace venues. Men and women are also reached with the gospel as a result of FGGF men sharing their real life stories through ' Social Media ' networks.


Men share their experiences, successes and failures in business and everyday life. They speak of marriages transformed, bodies healed, addictions overcome, business problems resolved, all through encountering the power of God in a personal way.


Women are welcome at most events, and many women actively support their husband's ministry in the Fellowships.

Unity in the Spirit and the Vision