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Dear brother in Christ,

We greatly look forward to welcoming you to what will be another outstanding GLPS.

This communication covers Hotel, price, and booking details, outline approach for the 2019 GLPS, travel information from the airport to the Hotel after your arrival, action for UK Visa applications, when required, with documentation at hand for those resident outside Europe on entering the UK, and action for booking GLPS Hotel accommodation and meals.

Registration at the 2019 GLPS starts from 4pm at the Holiday Inn Hotel on Wednesday 30th January.


We greatly appreciated the services provided at this Hotel at the 2012-2014 GLPS'S offering good value, friendly service, and plenty of room for mingling, best matched to our 2019 GLPS needs also, within the Heathrow and central London areas. The Hotel's services have been further upgraded recently. Due in part to our earlier good record at the Hotel 2014 prices have been negotiated for the Hotel accommodation at £75 per night for a single room with breakfast and £85 per night for a double room with breakfast. The prices include taxes and VAT. The Hotel is also offering these prices for those wishing to stay up to a week either side of the GLPS start and end date. Good bus, rail, and underground connections to central London can be made from the Hotel. Oysters cards can be purchased at the airports for travel in London and contactless bank cards can be used for London transport.

Regular Buses to Windsor, Lego-land, Eton and Runnymede can be obtained at Heathrow. Taxis and car hire are available from the Hotel. A local 222 bus to West Drayton also connects with rail to Paddington central London station (20 mins) and from West Drayton via Slough  to Windsor.

2 course buffet dinners with a free wine or soft drink, coffee and tea, will be £25 for each of the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night meetings. An optional special GLPS sandwich lunch next to the main meeting room area for £12.50 on Thursday 31st Jan and £12.50 on Saturday 2nd Feb needs to be confirmed by you at time of e mail or telephone booking and at least two weeks before the start of the GLPS. The amount owed for lunches booked will be collected at registration on your arrival. A ground floor restaurant seating 100, separate coffee/ snacks bar area, ground floor sitting facilities and a gym are also available in the Hotel. A registration fee of £20 per person will be payable on arrival at the Hotel to contribute to the meeting room and support provision costs. Action for booking with the Hotel is shown at the conclusion of this communication. The buffet dinners in the main meeting room will automatically be charged to you for the 1-3 GLPS nights or more that you book. This will save you extra explanations when making your booking. We naturally assume you will wish to be present at each of the GLPS dinners, booking your accommodation at the Hotel to fully participate in the GLPS and to benefit from special rates offered for facilities provided. If you are a vegetarian please confirm with the Hotel for appropriate alternative meals to be available.

Room availability cannot be guaranteed after Friday 20th December. In the event of having to make an unavoidable cancellation for a Hotel booking, this needs to be done within 48 hours of your booking start date at the Hotel. Hotel payments will be taken on your Hotel departure day. You will also considerably assist our 2019 GLPS planning provisions with the Hotel through booking at the earliest possible opportunity. This will be greatly appreciated.


After the wonderful 2018 GLPS in San Diego it was evident many felt that more time could be helpfully given on the Thursday to first hear from FGGF nation leaders sharing about needs, plans, and forward Vision, before the day of prayer and fasting together. At the 2019 GLPS this will give opportunity for providing more time for re-bonding in fellowship after arrival and for gaining a fuller understanding of prayer needs before the Friday day of prayer and fasting. Further global Vision sharing and testimonies will be given at each of the dinner meeting occasions. The Saturday Business meeting, which will include Steering Committee member elections, will be especially focused on forward direction, giving time too for further joint fellowship sharing   and empowering prayer before lunch and departure. The fuller outline schedule will be available on arrival at registration.


For those arriving at Heathrow take the Transit bus from Heathrow Terminals 5, 1, 2 and 3 to the Hotel, unless you prefer to take a taxi for a 20 minute journey, and for your return following the GLPS. Uber taxis are also available. The transit bus calls at the terminals to collect those booked into the Holiday Inn M4 J4 and nearby Hotels every 30 minutes. It is found in the area marked for coaches. A charge of £5 is made on the bus for the transportation on arrival and departure. A reduced charge of £4.50 is made for the return journey if paid at the Hotel before departure. Journey time is 30-45 minutes. The bus at Terminal 5 is H (Hopper) 51 and the bus for Terminals 2 & 3 is H1.

For those arriving at Gatwick, Stansted and Luton airports National buses run at least hourly. Advance bookings can be made, if desired, through www.nationalexpress.com. London Gatwick to London Heathrow airports takes approximately 55 minutes at circa £30 return. London  Stansted to London Heathrow airports can take between one hour 40 minutes to 2 hours 20 minutes at circa £30 return. London Luton to London Heathrow airports usually takes circa one hour 40 minutes at around £32 return. A group of 3 coming from London Gatwick airport, could order a taxi direct to the Hotel in advance for circa £70 through Gatwick airport transfers www.airporttaxis-uk.co.uk Tel : 00 44 1293 853753.


Those representing current FGGF nations travelling from Africa, many South and Central American countries, India and Russia are likely to require visas for entry into the UK. For the 2019 GLPS a standard visitor, general six month tourist visa will be needed. The current standard application cost is circa £97. For most a straightforward 9 page application form will need to be completed. This can be found under the heading UK Visa, Immigration and Citizen application forms - www.gov.uk. Up to 30 days needs to be allowed for some Visa progressions, many countries stating completion times of 15 days or less. After forwarding an on line application and paying the fee an interview may need to be arranged at your in country Visa application centre. This will not always apply, but needs to be allowed for, if applicable, in your timings for submitting an application. You may be asked to show evidence of financial ability to cover costs to be incurred in the UK.

To obtain a personal official invitation letter from Peter Spreckley, FGB UK & IRELAND National Council Chairman, to include with your visa documentation (This may not be shown as an essential requirement, but it can add strength to your visa application and for when passing through UK customs) email a completed invitation letter form, as shown for downloading on the www. fg-gf.net website under the News heading under Resources heading at the close of this communication, to peter@fgbuk.org.  The completed form should be sent as an attachment to a covering e mail giving the e mail subject heading of - Request for 2019 FGGF GLPS invitation letter. You will receive an e mailed invitation reply letter within 3 days.

Passports expiring within six months of UK arrival date  will need renewal before submitting your visa application in your home country.

Those travelling to UK from outside Europe without needing entry Visas

On arrival at the London airport please note that you may be asked to produce evidence of your financial ability to meet costs for the duration of your stay in the UK and to show written evidence of your home address and occupation, if still working.


Download, print and complete the Hotel reservations booking form shown on the fg-gf.net website under the Resources heading at the close of this communication and under the website main menu News heading.

For reviewed updated security reasons you are not now being asked to provide credit card details required by the Hotel when e mailing your completed Hotel Reservations booking form as an attachment with a covering e mail communication subject heading of Reservation/s for the 2019 January 30th to February 2nd FGGF GLPS - Block Code: FGB

Instead please telephone the Hotel Conference and Events department on 00 44 208 7451303 between 9a.m. to 5pm UK time Monday to Friday to provide your required credit card details directly after e mailing your completed Hotel reservations form to: meetings@hiheathrowm4j4.co.uk, copying to: office@fgbuk.org.

In the event of having any difficulty in telephoning from your country as an alternative reserve option you can fax your completed Hotel reservation form, to include provision of your credit card details, on the secure Hotel telephone line: 00 44 208 08976130. After faxing your completed Hotel reservation form, please send a covering e mail headed Reservation/s for the 2019 GLPS to office@fgbuk.org with your completed Hotel reservation/s form, excluding credit card details, as an attachment.

The details completed on the Hotel Reservations form  must include : the dates/nights you wish to stay at the Holiday Inn M4 J4 and whether you are booking a single or double room, confirming also if you wish to book the sandwich lunches on Thursday 31st January and Saturday 2nd February. Provide your gender title, first name and surname and the gender title, first name and surname of any person sharing your room. You will receive a prompt reply confirmation of your booking.

FGB has been chosen by the Hotel as the identifying Block code due to the administration link with the UK office, though the Convention is jointly hosted by both FGB and BMF.

The UK office, not the Hotel, will be covering the two sandwich lunch bookings for individuals, registering your lunch bookings for you with the Hotel. The completed form enables all bookings to be assured with the Hotel and for an accurate booking delegate list to be maintained by the UK office as well as the Hotel.


Book now to be sure of getting the best value air and transport deals and to be sure of securing your Visa and GLPS Hotel accommodation in good time.


We much look forward to your presence and participation in the 2019 FGGF Global Leadership Prayer Summit in London - and to the mighty things God will do among us - with all our greetings in the Lord,

your brothers in the FGB and BMF UK hosting and welcome team.




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