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FGGF Steering Committee


The current members of the FGGF Steering Committee, who are appointed to serve until the  FGGF Business Meeting to be held at the 2021 annual Global Leadership Prayer Summit, are:


  • Ifeanyi Odedo representing Africa.region: National President for FGBMFI Nigeria. Elected Chairman of the FGGF Steering committee.
  • Robert Tsoi, representing Asia region, National Director, Hong Kong,
  • Frederico Alvarado representing Central and South America region. Board member AFIHNEC, Costa Rica.
  • Corey Johnston, representing FGB USA region. FGBMF America board member.
  • Bill Keith representing BMF USA region.National President, BMF USA. Elected Chairman of the FGGF Steering Committee.
  • Blake Morris representing North America region, President FGBMF Canada. Elected Deputy Chairman, FGGF Steering Committee.
  • Peter Rode, representing FGB UK & Europe region. Vice President ChristenimBeruf, Germany.
  • Steven Turnbull representing BMF UK and Europe region. National Presdent , BMF.UK and Europe.

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