Welcome to the Full Gospel Global Forum


The FGGF was established in January 2012 during a first Global Leadership Prayer Summit, (GLPS) organised by a small Steering Committee of men from like-minded FGB and BMF organisations around the world, who were led clearly by the Lord to arrange the event. They chose London as a globally central venue.


At this initial gathering of leaders, representing twenty nations in six key world regions, a unity of Spirit and Vision was experienced. A need was recognised for an information network: a Global Forum. The Full Gospel Global Forum is a response to a call for leaders in nations to further fellowship, network, and move forward together in greater unity and harmony, providing mutual encouragement and support in co-ordinating and fulfilling a global God-given Vision as shown to Demos Shakarian.


The FGGF does not exercise any spiritual or organisational authority over national ministries. With foundational Vision, practical working and applications firmly established - national organisations associated with the FGGF are not now linked to any central global oversight. The national ministries join in fellowship with national leaders in laymen's ministries who are furthering the same Vision and Mission for the extension of the Kingdom of God, regardless of name or affiliation, while maintaining their respective organisation's identity and integrity.


The FGGF ' News ' menu heading on this website now covers Global Leadership Prayer Summit (GLPS) and associated FGGF events. A report back on the 24th-27th 2018 GLPS held in San Diego, USA is the most recent item shown under the News heading.


The 2019 GLPS will be held in London, UK, at the Holiday Inn, Heathrow, M4 Junction 4, from Wednesday 30th January, registration starting from 4pm, to 1pm on Saturday 2nd February. Invitation details will be circulated to FGGF National leaders and shown on this website in early September.


FGB,BMF FGBMF and associated FGGF organisations regional and national events can be found through national website addresses shown under the Links Menu heading.


Contact action details for national leaders of organisations wishing to enquire about joining the FGGF can be found under the " About  Us Menu " - bottom heading - " How to join ".


Further references to the FGGF : Its purpose, Vision, participating nations and introduction to the FGGF Steering Committtee are also given under the next " About Us " website menu heading. 


A main aim of the FGGF is to provide a platform for networking, mutual support, encouragement and co-operation on common projects both nationally and globally.



Unity in the Spirit and the Vision